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Market Vision is a marketing consultancy
specialising in consumer
decision-making processes.

  • Going beyond declarative market research insights
  • Identifying real explanatory consumer insights
  • Resolving your consumer and shopper challenges
  • Bringing you fresh perspectives and solutions

Philippe Savereux

Associate Director

After graduating from ESCP – a leading European Business School – and obtaining a Masters degree in geo-politics, Philippe worked as Business Development Manager for IBM then as Marketing and Sales Director for a specialist distribution label. He went on to become the Director of the Cospirit Research Institute before co-founding Market Vision.
Philippe uses his passion for anthropology and expertise in consumer/shopper decision -making rationale to explore consumers' everyday environment, to identify the structural dimensions of their behaviours and to diagnose their expectations and underlying needs.

"A telephone to keep in touch."

Market Vision - Philippe Savereux
Market Vision - Philippe Savereux

Jean-Christophe Beau

Associate Director

A graduate of HEC. Having worked in marketing with Peugeot Germany, then integrating their international management team, Jean-Christophe went on to create several marketing and business consultancies before co-founding Market Vision. Fascinated by behavioural and decision-making rationales, Jean-Christophe guides our clients through challenges, pivotal to behavioural development issues: adopting breakthrough innovations or the development of business cultures. To guarantee lasting results, Jean-Christophe always ensures that his interventions take into account and respect the client-consumer relationship but also the company with all its participants as well as the environment.

Oversize blue glasses: "All the better to see the wide, deep perspective of our horizons both near and far..."

Market Vision - Jean-Christophe Beau
Market Vision - Jean-Christophe Beau

Sophie Rivet

Associate Director

With a business school degree and qualifications in audiovisual communication, operational experience with Masterfood and Peugeot and as a consultant in marketing innovation notably for Anvar, Sophie joined Market Vision in 2006. She manages our Insight and Conso-Reality department. Fascinated by consumer behaviour, she is qualified in PNL and contributes to the development of new improved methods for decoding consumer perceptions and understanding their behaviours.

Polaroids: "Their instant action eliminates post rationalisation..."

Market Vision - Sophie Rivet
Market Vision - Sophie Rivet

Géraldine Hue

Associate Director

Having graduated from EM Lyon and qualified in applied semiotics and marketing strategy, Geraldine gained experience in operational marketing (with Danone and Boiron in France and with Häagen-Dazs in London) and then opted for consulting and market research. An expert in brand strategy and innovation, Géraldine hunts out the insights, digs deep into the "so whats" and guides our clients in their strategic choices. Over the past 10 years, she has developed great savoir-faire in animating strategic workshops with sales and marketing, R&D and general management teams.

Sparkling felt-tips: "Because I love stimulating group work and finding positive solutions."

Market Vision - Géraldine Hue
Market Vision - Géraldine Hue

Bruno Ryon

Associate Director, Training

Bruno is a graduate of EM Lyon in Technology Management. Following several years of business and managerial experience both as a consultant and in the pharmaceutical industry, he contributed to the commercial development and launch of an IT package before joining the Market Vision team. He brings us his expertise in relational and business effectiveness. He particularly enjoys designing and animating training workshops for business managers, which he brings to life with his lively, practical and operational approach.

The telephone: "To strengthen contacts and relationships."

Market Vision - Bruno Ryon
Market Vision - Bruno Ryon

Charlotte de Saint Meleuc

Market Research Director

A graduate of HEC, Charlotte brings to Market Vision her marketing experience from both Kraft and Mattel and from international institutes in Buenos Aires and Singapour. To maximise information, Charlotte likes to observe, to dismantle, to analyse and to decode! A travel enthusiast, Charlotte brings her international experience to Market Vision to help in the understanding of consumer behaviours as close as possble to reality - in their homes and shops, in France and abroad.

Telephone and notepad in hand: "Ready for new consumer discoveries in Paris, New York and Milan."

Market Vision - Charlotte de Saint Meleuc
Market Vision - Charlotte de Saint Meleuc

Mathilde Renaudin

Market Research Manager

With a business school degree, Mathilde joined Market Vision with a dual experience in both global corporation and market research agencies. Passionate about consumer analysis, she enjoys all aspects of interviewing and observing consumers to identify their expectations.

A smartphone: "A precious tool for staying in touch and for capturing real behaviours on camera and on video."

Market Vision - Mathilde Renaudin
Market Vision - Mathilde Renaudin

Solange Duport

Senior Quantitative Research Manager

Solange joined Market Vision with a Masters degree in International Business and dual experience in qualitative and quantitative studies (Adhoc research, Ipsos).
Solange particularly enjoys seeking out the small details from within the body of information collected from consumers – details which feed our understanding and reveal insights.

A map: "Because whatever your destination, it's the journey that counts..."

Market Vision - Solange Duport
Market Vision - Solange Duport

Pascale Trimoulet

Quantitative research director

A graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine and of the Aix en Provence IAE business school, Pascale brings us her talent in quantative project management after gaining 7 years experience in quantative research institutes. Her objective is to recommend the best methodology for each set of challenges and then to make clear operational recommendations.

A Rubiks cube : "Because even the most complex challenges can be resolved and provide clear results."

Market Vision - Pascale Trimoulet
Market Vision - Pascale Trimoulet

Soumaya Akremi


Soumaya assists the Market Vision Consulting team. Always good humoured, she is in charge of the interface with our clients and suppliers especially for administrative and accounting questions.

"I love clarity and transparency, just like this bubble."

Market Vision - Soumaya Akremi
Market Vision - Soumaya Akremi
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Methods ensure that our teams are immersed

  • For all our projects, our methods ensure that our teams are immersed in the reality of the market, as close as possible to the consumer decision-making process: especially through ethnographic video observation, behavioural analysis and iterative interaction with consumers.

Exploratory study

  • In-depth understanding of the drivers of a brand or product category.
  • Analysis of market potential.

Emotional footprint

  • Analysis of the specific cultural emotional levers of a product category.
  • Identification of emotional insights via sophrology-inspired techniques.

Consumer / Shopper experience

  • Shopper research: understanding buying drivers and analysis of the distribution model.
  • Mirror study: maximisation of customer satisfaction and internal motivation.

Recommendations and support in the innovation process

  • Identification of innovation platforms and creative activities.
  • Testing of prototypes.
  • Evaluation / Optimisation of concepts.

Facillitating expertise

    Expertise in facilitating :

  • Innovation process,
  • Creative workshops,
  • Team building, seminars and safaris,
  • War games


Our aim is to resolve your consumer challenges

  • Our experience shows that buying behaviours are often complex but can always be explained.

We have developed innovative methods in order to bypass the declarative

  • We have developed alternative methods for collecting insights going beyond the declarative with three areas of focus:
    • Real behaviour (ethnographic video observation, ethno-shopper)
    • Emotional footprint (Alive dream methodology)
    • Semantic fields
  • Market Vision is the pioneer in France of Ethnographic Video observation and was awarded the Marketing Innovation Prize (research category) in 2008.

We see the relationship with our clients as a long term partnership


Consumer goods :

Black & Decker, Bonduelle, Bongrain, Coca-Cola, Compagnie des Alpes, Danone Research, Distriborg, Elivia, Groupe Royer, HJ Heinz, Interfel, L'Oréal SA, LU, Moët Henessy, Mondelez, Nespresso, Nestlé, SEB, Sodébo, Valrhona, Weight Watchers

Distribution services, Leisure :

April Assurances, Babolat, Biossun, Compagnie des Alpes, Dia, Elior, Française des jeux, Groupama, Harmonie Mutuelle, La Poste, Leclerc, Monoprix, Oséo, Orange, Picard, Publicis, Sodebo, Toupargel

Health, Beauty, Pharmacy :

Laboratoires Boiron, Essilor, Glaxosmithkline, Mérial, Orkyn, Sanofi Pasteur MSD


Shopper breakfast

  • We regularly organise think-tanks
    with the professionals of
    Shopper Marketing.

Open ideation workshop

Table ronde
  • We organise (non-competing) inter-company
    creative sessions.
  • Our principle is collaborative sharing: everyone
    contributes and the ideas then belong
    to all the participants.
  • Themes: sustainable development, crisis
    marketing, premium consumption.

Baromètre premium

  • The expectations of Premium consumers
    in France, China and Germany.
  • A scale of Premium brands and
    inter-country differences.


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11 novembre 1918
69100 Villeurbanne

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